Empowering Children
with Music

Harmony Music Foundation is a registered Non-Profit Organisation. We provide music education to children from disadvantaged communities in Cape Town.

Our Mission

Music education is very beneficial for children. It helps improve self-esteem, listening skills and relieves stress. Harmony Music Foundation's goal is to make music education accessible to children in need. We travel to schools and children’s homes, teaching musical concepts in a fun and interactive way. Our aim is to provide an expressive outlet to those who need it the most.
Sebastian Guile teaching music class

Music Classes

We travel to children’s homes, orphanages and schools. Our music classes primarily focus on Djembe and Ukulele. The classes are facilitated by drum therapist Greg Bridges and ukulele maestro Abraham van den Berg. 

Girls performing ukulele

Holiday Events

We collaborate with other NPO’s for holiday events. First, we identify a community that is in need. Then we find a suitable venue and invite the youth of that area to attend. At our events, we teach them exciting skills such as Djembe, Ukulele, Gymnastics, Poi, Staff and Hula-hooping.   

Teacher training background

Teacher Training

We have developed a teaching method to train talented individuals to realise their teaching potential. Our syllabus is accessible, fun and crosses cultural barriers. 

We Support Local Talent

We assist developing artists by providing

  • Mentorship and career advice
  • Music production and recording services
  • Performance opportunities


Our Story

My name is Sebastian Guile, I am the founder of Harmony Music Foundation. I was disabled for two years with a autoimmune disorder called Celiac Disease. During this time, I gained a lot of compassion for human suffering. I decided to combine my skills as a professional music teacher with my new found perspective on life to create a Non-Profit Organisation. My dream was to change the lives of South African children through music. In early 2014, I came up with the idea of Harmony Music Foundation. I formulated a specialised syllabus that teaches basic musical concepts in a fun and engaging manner. I hope to help children develop self-confidence and uplift communities in need.

Sebastian Guile teaching children


"Music lessons allow children to learn about sounds, to take turns and to listen to others in a group. It is about communicating without words. It improves language and pre-reading skills through songs. The lessons combine physical activities with listening skills. Harmony Music Foundation provides a great service and they are always on time. The lessons are presented with a calm spirit and are on the child’s level of understanding."
"Musical education is very valuable. The children listen and it improves their concentration, Sebastian interacts on their level and they enjoy it. Harmony Music Foundation provides an excellent quality of service and Sebastian has a very good relationship with the children."
"The music lessons enable the children to interact in a non-threatening way as a group, it teaches them a skill, it allows adults into their world using music which is something they can relate to. The children look forward to the sessions and learning about and how to play the instruments. Rewarding the children for good behaviour really works as a means to encourage them."


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